updog lost my patience
Release Date 08/07/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents updog - falling is flying EP

The fourth EP by updog, falling is flying, is out now for the masses, with impact single, ‘lost my patience,’ also available for your listening pleasure! The elements of this track are similar to updog’s previous singles from this EP cycle — high energy and intense like on ‘taking a stand,’ honest lyricism like on ‘leave me alone,’ and quirky harmonies, self-deprecating humor and genre-bending production similar to i denied‘ and ‘dollar signs.’

He says, “At the time of writing this, I was losing my patience with a lot of things going on. I moved to Denmark and was losing it with everything about me at that time. I spoke with my friend and collaborator, Joseph [Feinstein], who came on to help me write the verse and chorus of the song while I was in the midst of feeling so much and wanted some help to expel those emotions from me through songwriting. The intro of the song is sort of like a social media commentary piece, thinking you’re too cool for social media and not wanting to be involved in it, but also having that dopamine rush of external validation when you do get something directly from it, and then goes on to other aspects of my patience levels. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions type of track with everything happening all at once while real life was also happening, too.”

»It was a rollercoaster of many emotions happening at once...«

updog shares some final commentary on the nature of this EP release as well as what might be in store on the next one. He closes with, “Every song on this EP had an element of recognising flaws and mistakes and that one made — in this case, I’ve made — and while it was awkward to talk about those fallbacks, they were also allowing me to fly when I fell. And that’s exactly it — it’s funny but true, when you fall, you also kind of fly. And I think that metaphor is an honest representation of my mental state as a person and an artist during the past year that I was writing this album. You can find yourself doing what you think is good for you, and you find yourself growing and somewhat destroying yourself at the same time. There’s lots of juxtapositions throughout and that also may be an element I use on my next records. The vibe will be different and it’ll be bouncy and more fun, and instead of using references, like I did in my past work, that pay homage to other people and influences, I want to focus those efforts on paying homage to myself, as a person and an artist.” His EP, falling is flying, finally out now on CloudKid!

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