updog taking a stand
Release Date 09/03/2022
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CloudKid Presents updog - taking a stand

updog fights crime (or the modern-day version of it) with the next single of his 7-track fourth EP out this summer: ‘taking a stand.’ The high-energy, intense and empowering song is one dedicated to those who have stood up for themselves (in the face of bullies) or to anyone who has ever felt personally oppressed and rejected, whether that was during adolescence or even now as an adult, and has taken a stand in their own defence. In very updog fashion, the song is full of catchy lyrics and clever wordplay, full of puns of pop-cultural references, and an upbeat melody that will have listeners singing along in no time… ‘falalalala f*** you,’ being one of them.

He says, “This song is dedicated against bullies of any kind and caliber. It was inspired by a real life situation that happened to someone very close to me and when they told me this, I immediately empathized with them and their pain and decided to write a song about those feelings and their experience to empower them. I tried to capture everything I felt that that person wanted to tell their bully if they could go back and do so.”   

»This was inspired by a real life situation that happened to someone very close to me.«

updog left 2021 and has now graduated from quirky pop melodies and whacky lyrics and is slated to head back to his roots with this second single of his upcoming seven track EP, entitled ‘falling is flying’ scheduled for release in early summer. Previously, the artist had explored more abstract and fun narratives, but this time moves toward focusing on darker and heavier sounds on this record, paying homage to his earlier works and EP projects. With support from music tastemakers such as MrSuicideSheep, xKito, Valliant already, and a growing fan-base and community who are eager to see what he does next, 2022 looks bright, albeit with dark music, for updog. The empowering, anti-bully ‘taking a stand’ out now on CloudKid!

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