updog dollar signs
Release Date 20/05/2022
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CloudKid Presents updog - dollar signs

updog is seeing signs… dollar dollar signs… with his latest track off of his ‘falling is flying‘ EP out July 8th, entitled ‘dollar signs.’ This time, listeners once again hear the artist’s stream of consciousness songwriting reveal itself, with honest, open lyricism that is simultaneously met with a familiar-sounding, groovy production behind it.  

updog says, “The song is about living too fast and getting too caught up with the fame and fortune side of the industry, that, by default, begins to cloud your judgment. That ‘get rich‘ mentality in creative industries always comes up at some point or another when you just want to do your own thing, but eventually, as the song says, you start seeing those dollar signs flash up and the potential that that life could also be. Of course, you don’t mind the view sometimes, but that ‘grind until you die’ motto to get there is also not the way to go about it and kind of takes away from the artistry.” 

»It's about living too fast and getting too caught up with the fame and fortune.«

updog left 2021 and has now graduated from quirky pop melodies and whacky lyrics to head back to his alt-pop rock roots. Previously, the artist explored more abstract and fun narratives, but this time moves toward focusing on realer and more alt sounds on this record, while trying to reclaim the meaning of the ‘what’s updog’ joke his artist project is so named after. With support from music tastemakers such as MrSuicideSheep, xKito, Valliant already, and a growing fan-base and community who are eager to see what he does next, let’s just say 2022 continues to look bright in the world of updog. ‘dollar signs‘ out now!

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