Release Date 02/03/2022
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CloudKid Presents Airmow - MARBRE

After the release of ‘ROUGE’ and ‘NUIT,’ self-titled sound sculptor and French producer, Airmow, offers a new track carved and polished into cold, dense rock entitled: ‘MARBRE.’ Contrary to his previous release, this track has nothing bewitching about it; it’s a colder and more brutal track transporting listeners to the most secret and disturbing rooms of his musical repertoire. The song, which translates to ‘marble’ in English, begins with a threatening synthesizer that progressively and dangerously evolves until it grabs listeners by the throat with what he describes as a “violently wild drop.” According to Airmow, the song will do well in plunging fans deep into a new, mysterious and enigmatic universe.   

Airmow describes, “When we think of marble, we often visualize large, empty and not so warm spaces or rooms that we can find in palaces for example. This single is more minimalist than the others, but regardless of that simplicity, we still feel completely lost in an oppressive and destabilizing world within the song. We can even feel a certain bit of fear, so to speak, at the time of the drop, due to the heavy and disturbing atmosphere that seeps throughout the main musical theme of ‘MARBRE.It’s a weird juxtaposition, but it works.”

»There's a bit of fear at the time of the song's drop, due to the disturbing atmosphere. «

Antonin Lemiere, aka Airmow, is the name of Parisian producer and artist. At the age of 16, he discovered a real passion for music — mainly in the realm of music production — and began producing his own instrumentals that would end up becoming fuller bodies of work. In 2018, Airmow reached his first milestone by signing his debut tracks “Do It Again” and “Just For a Moment” to Trap Nation (Lowly Palace). Later that year, his remix of One Republic’s ‘Counting Stars’ hit over 50M streams and was also elected as “Best Remix of the Year” by Trap Nation. Releasing his debut EP, RUPTURE, last year, 2022 marks an interesting renaissance to the start of his next project, a long-form first album to be released this spring, also on CloudKid. Until then, enjoy his latest, ‘MARBRE‘ out now!

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