Release Date 26/02/2021
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CloudKid Presents Airmow - RUPTURE EP

After an exciting build up of 3 tantalising singles, the French producer Airmow cuts the wait and proudly unveils his debut 6-track EP ‘RUPTURE‘. Named quite adequately – a rupture being ‘the act of breaking or bursting through something’ – in this case applies perfectly to the way in which Airmow’s new found sound has broken many moulds, expectations and ruptured into the scene with well deserved acclaim. Already proving a project worth following since his first build-up single ‘Like This’, ‘Make Me Break’ and ‘Wild Night’, the Rupture EP embodies the project as a whole perfectly. A strong influence of pop music (The Weeknd, Dua Lipa) on the one hand, as well as by more ‘underground’ music (Noisia, Excision) on the other hand, Airmow has definitely found the sweet spot on this EP. Including collaborations and features from further talents – Silent Child, Frizzy The Streetz and Trove amongst some of them – RUPTURE is sure to take you on a sonic journey

He explains: This EP is, above all, the fruit of my sound exploration and musical reflection. Experimenting until finally finding myself artistically, RUPTURE represents the culmination of these years of evolution and work, and marks a turning point in the progress of my career… I specifically chose to merge musical genres that are usually quite distinct and very often well dissociated from each other – with tracks ranging from Cyberpunk, to trap, to cloud emo rap – with the objective to give a breath and freshness to electronic music, which can sometimes seem a bit outdated and uninspiring for some people” 

»RUPTURE represents the culmination of years of evolution and work, finally finding myself artistically«

Antonin Lemiere aka Airmow is a Parisian electronic music artist and producer. At the age of 16, he discovered a real passion for the world of music production and started producing his own instrumentals. Fast forward to today, Airmow has been vetted and supported by leading electronic players including Trap Nation, MrSuicideSheep,, and FutureMag (interview), as well as releasing the current EP with Cloudkid. Calling out to all fans and producers, you can now get involved with the SKIO remix competition, download free sample packs, explore live sessions and use artwork related Instagram face filters.

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