Release Date 14/09/2022
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CloudKid Presents Joseph Feinstein - idwk

Joseph Feinstein returns to release his next single off of his upcoming EP, bad routine, his name also acting as his artist moniker on these next records. On ‘idwk,’ he takes a new direction while also taking inspiration from his former sound and artistry that was NUVILICES. The track has heavier 808s and more aggressive vocals that are supposed to convey a certain kind of rage, with the lyrics complementing that aggression with hints of helplessness and confusion.  

Joseph says, “There’s more rap on this song than usual, but at the same time I’m re-visiting the oriental sounding vibe and instrumentation from the first songs I ever put out. ‘idwkis generally about people treating you differently after noticing your career is going somewhere. In this particular case, it’s about a girl that was ghosting me, only to suddenly find interest again once I got the blue tick on Instagram. This kind of superficial behaviour made me wonder about all the potential milestones ahead and – if a verification badge is enough for her to see me in a different light – how she might be reacting to all potential future milestones. Instead, I decided I’d rather just cut it off and stay oblivious to what she/others think and what might happen if my music blows up.”  

»That superficial behavior made me wonder about all the potential milestones ahead.«

After a few years in the industry generating over 40 million streams as a writer, producer and vocalist, Joseph Feinstein returns to where his journey originally started — expressing himself as an artist. His first releases of 2022, ‘fuck off’ & ‘like i used to,’ set the benchmark for his upcoming EP ‘bad routine– combining his distinctive songwriting style with the signature sound of his dark-pop former alias NUVILICES. A new story demands to be written and the next track for the artist,’idwk,’ hopes to see audiences ready to read — and listen — to his every word.