Joseph Feinstein like i used to
Release Date 06/04/2022

CloudKid Presents Joseph Feinstein - like i used to

‘like i used to’ is Joseph’s first attempt — and response — to modern pop-punk. While keeping the chorus in a usual trap manner for his as an artist, the verses provide a compressed and gritty, yet playful drive that makes the track versatile in its own way — with head banging guaranteed. Although it’s a new genre for Joseph, under his own name as an artist, listeners can clearly hear his signature sound and former-NUVILICES influence within his distinctive songwriting style and vocal range.

Joseph says of the song’s storyline, “This story is about being so sure you have it all figured out, only to lose everything in the blink of an eye. Now back at square one, the protagonist blames his past relationship for falling back into old habits and a lifestyle he so surely believed he left behind. While sinking down, he romanticizes his own demise – being completely oblivious to the fact that he might have been the one to have fucked it up.”  

»He romanticizes his own demise - being oblivious to the fact that he might have fucked it up.«

After a few years in the industry generating over 35 million streams as a writer, producer and vocalist, Joseph Feinstein returns to where his journey originally started – expressing himself as an artist. His first single release in a while, under his own name, ‘fuck off’ set the benchmark for Joseph’s 2022 – combining his distinctive songwriting style with the signature sound of his former dark-pop alias — NUVILICES. Yet, ‘like i used to‘ takes it up a notch — or ten — for the artist’s new brand and subsequent musical work.