Joseph Feinstein hennessy dreams
Release Date 19/10/2022
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CloudKid Presents Joseph Feinstein - hennessy dreams

Joseph Feinstein’s third track of his upcoming EP, bad routine, entitled ‘hennessy dreams‘ is a bittersweet ballad with, according to the artist, “an emo touch and a hint of glitter.” Lyrically, and in typical Feinstein fashion, the track is dark, unstable and depressing, whereas, in contrast, the instrumental boasts more hopeful and joyous tones with mostly major chords being played.

Joseph says of the song, “Weirdly this song sounds both sad and cheerful, so it can definitely cross over between two genres and different audiences. Narratively, the song is about post-breakup depression – that feeling when you’re lying in bed, intoxicated and heartbroken and your mind goes to a time before everything went downhill. The lyrics are all about escapism and the hard contrast between a melancholic reality and a rose-coloured happy place that you end up visiting every night. I imagined the track to be the lullaby that sings you into this oblivious space somewhere between life and death – which at that point doesn’t matter anymore, as long as you can just stay a little bit longer.”  

»There's a hard contrast between a melancholic reality and a rose-coloured happy place.«

After a few years in the industry generating over 40 million streams as a writer, producer and vocalist, Joseph Feinstein returns to where his journey originally started — expressing himself as an artist. His first releases of 2022, pop-punk and rock-influenced, ‘fuck off’ & ‘like i used to,’ set the benchmark for his upcoming EP ‘bad routine‘ – combining his distinctive songwriting style with the signature sound of his dark-pop former alias NUVILICES. A new story demands to be written and the next track for the artist,’hennessy dreams,’ a softer ballad that the artist knows how to do just as well, hopes to see audiences ready to read — and listen — to his every word.