Silent Child Happy
Release Date 20/01/2023
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CloudKid Presents Silent Child - Happy

The next single from Silent Child’s upcoming EP, ‘Graduation,’ is happy…well considering that the song’s title is called and sounds as such. In typical Silent Child fashion however, on ‘Happy‘, the lyrics speak a different language in relation to the sound. Overall, the narrative of the song’s lyrics are less centered on a specific person — even though it might seem so — and is rather introspective, with a hint of anger to the overall song.

Silent Child says, “The song can be read as being about someone else, someone who you believe is trying to ruin your life. Instead, I’m relating it to the fact that I am in fact that person, and that it’s honestly me who tends to ruin things in my life because I can be a self-loathing person. Every lyric in every line is about myself. The song essentially holds two interpretations within the same theme of the song.”  

»There's essentially two interpretations to the song's lyrics.«

With his viral single, ‘F*ck You’ alone wracking up hundreds millions of streams across all streaming platforms, the path Silent Child has taken to becoming a well-revered producer exploded even from its foundations. Following a journey that took him from pouring over music production as a teenager to being playlisted on mainstay accounts, his name is now a staple within music spaces across the globe. At 22, he’s set himself apart from the throes of new artists who’ve been pushing their way to the front over recent years. He has decided to set the pace himself after the subsequent three years, with his talent setting the precedent and his push for new spheres within his production is a reflection of what’s to come. A host of collaborations also sit within the vast back catalogue which the artist has at his disposal – proving that his influence stretches across the spectrum of music genres. With names including Vosai, UNDREAM, PURGE, Omido, CREME, Kina & Galvanic and Lani Daye, he’s not only been focused on his own signature but those of his counterparts too, merging the two, which has spread his sonics to new crowds.