Silent Child Fuck You
Release Date 05/06/2020

CloudKid Presents Silent Child - F**k You

Rising producer and songwriter Silent Child shows off one of his most ambitious tracks to date with his latest gritty single ‘Fuck You’. Continuously charming us, the young producer has been steadily crafting his very own genre – instantly recognisable as his own, while simultaneously keeping it fresh and inventive through his exploration into further sounds and styles. ‘Fuck You’ is a track that shows this off perfectly by merging elements of Future Bass and Rock, and exploring a whole new vocal style for the second half of the song – it is inevitable not be captivated. 

Opening up about the meaning behind the song, Silent Child explains:  “This song, unlike my last ones, is more hateful. There really aren’t more than 2 people that I hate on this planet and one of them ruined my life and my family. So I basically made this song on behalf of all of us.This song is about that one person in your life that has brought you nothing but misery and anger. That one person that has done absolutely nothing for this world and the world would be better off without them at all” “This is me trying my best to cultivate a new genre, which is probably why this one one of my most ambitious tracks; even going as far to try a whole new vocal style for the second half to of solidify the whole Rock element of the track”

»This is me trying my best to cultivate a new genre«

Using his music as a medium to speak out to himself and his listeners, Silent Child’s sets out to inspire anyone who comes across it. And as an artist that began producing all his music with a semi-broken laptop and recording vocals on an iPhone, his artistic journey up until now – including being signed by Cloudkid and receiving recognised support from the likes of MrSuicideSheep, and Acid Stag – is certainly one to look out for. Check out ‘Fuck You’ now.