Airmow HALLUCINATION (feat. LissA)
Release Date 04/05/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Airmow - HALLUCINATION (feat. LissA)

Ahead of his ‘DYSTOPIE‘ mini album, slated for release at the end of May, Airmow has a few more tracks up his sleeve that he’s ready to share — and shake up the world with. His latest release is entitled ‘HALLUCINATION,’ a mix of dark, laid-back, atmospheric and chill energy that notably permeates throughout the track. Featuring serene vocals from Germany-based, LissA, the lyrics embody the same emotion as the production – a feeling of being trapped in another reality.

LissA says of the track, “The song centers around that sense of feeling lost and unreal in this world, as if you were trapped in another reality and just can’t find your way out. And that’s reflected in, of course, the song’s title, but also in the feeling that the song evokes — a dark, uneasy energy and environment, while also feeling chill and laid-back at the same time — another feeling one can have while in a hallucination, so to speak.”  

»It's about that sense of feeling lost and unreal in the world...«

Antonin Lemiere, aka Airmow, is the name of Parisian producer and artist. At the age of 16, he discovered a real passion for music — mainly in the realm of music production — and began producing his own instrumentals that would end up becoming fuller bodies of work. In 2018, Airmow reached his first milestone by signing his debut tracks “Do It Again” and “Just For a Moment” to Trap Nation (Lowly). Later that year, his remix of One Republic’s ‘Counting Stars’ hit over 50M streams and was also elected as “Best Remix of the Year” by Trap Nation. Releasing his debut EP, RUPTURE, last year, 2022 marks an interesting renaissance to the start of his next project, a long-form first album to be released this spring, also on CloudKid. Alongside him on this release is Germany-based, LissA. Refusing to be pinned down to any one single genre and juggling her studies with a burgeoning music career, on paper, she makes for an incredibly impressive force to be reckoned with. With her powerful voice and sophisticated songmanship that makes her stand out, her newcomer notoriety can also be backed up by the 80 million Spotify streams she has amassed in three years since her debut release. Thus, a perfect combination on Airmow’s latest. HALLUCINATION‘ with LissA, out NOW.  

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