Joseph Feinstein black bouquet
Release Date 17/08/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Joseph Feinstein - black bouquet

On the kickoff single for his upcoming EP under his own name, Joseph Feinstein takes inspiration and visits his former NUVILICES soundscape on ‘black bouquet.‘ The captivating falsetto vocal beginning, emo-era guitar lines and non-stop ear-candy throughout the production match perfectly with the playful, and catchy lyrics. The main vibe of the song is, as the artist describes, “laughing off your demise and trying to make the best out of a shitty situation.”  

He continues, “The song is essentially about not being on the same romantic page with another person. In this narrative, while the protagonist was investing more energy than he should have, he found a reason to change for the better – melodramatically viewing this love interest as the one last chance to get away from old habits and dangerous patterns. Once his emotional expectations weren’t met, the main characters’ self-fulfilling prophecy comes true and he acts as if he has known the end of the story all along. He is dealing with being left alone once again by accepting it as fate, happily singing along to it and glorifying his downfall with a kind of ‘I TOLD YOU SO’ moment. The main message meme-ically is kind of, ‘I gave you my heart, yet all I got was this shitty t-shirt'”  

»The main characters' self-fulfilling prophecy comes true and he knew the end all along...«

After a few years in the industry generating over 40 million streams as a writer, producer and vocalist, Joseph Feinstein returns to where his journey originally started — expressing himself as an artist. His first releases of 2022, ‘fuck off’ & ‘like i used to,’ set the benchmark for his upcoming EP ‘bad routine– combining his distinctive songwriting style with the signature sound of his dark-pop former alias NUVILICES. A new story demands to be written and with ‘black bouquet’ as a start, it will be a kickass first chapter for the artist.