Joseph Feinstein bad routine
Release Date 16/11/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Joseph Feinstein - bad routine EP

The final chapter of Joseph’s first EP under his own name, bad routine, is here and culminates with the focus track of the same name. An 80s synth wave-inspired track with a huge anthemic chorus, Joseph recalls that he “… went a little overboard with the elements I wanted to include – for example the bridge and guitar solo.” Even still, the gnarly bass and hooky synth line in the chorus glue it together with what listeners know Joseph for best in his sound and storytelling.

He continues, “I was very inspired by The Weeknd on this track sonically. Narratively, it’s all about contrast. The main character – as established in prior releases – is in the middle of fighting his toxic habits, past trauma and unflattering personality traits when his love interest comes into play. The person opposite our anti-hero seems to be immune to his negative actions. This song is a thought process bouncing between questions and complete disbelief. “Have I been dramatising my own complexes?” “What does she see in me?” “Could this person be as broken as me?” While the song seems to have a “one in a million” love story aftertaste, in the end it’s not entirely clear if this person sent from heaven was real or if everything was just another cry for affection in the shape of a fever dream.” 

»It's just another cry for affection in the shape of a fever dream.«

After a few years in the industry generating over 40 million streams as a writer, producer and vocalist, Joseph Feinstein returns to where his journey originally started — expressing himself as an artist. His first releases of 2022, pop-punk and rock-influenced, ‘fuck off’ & ‘like i used to,’ set the benchmark for his upcoming EP ‘bad routine‘ – combining his distinctive songwriting style with the signature sound of his dark-pop former alias NUVILICES. A new story demands to be written and is now finally here and out for the masses. Title track and EP under the same name, ‘bad routine,’ streaming now!