What We’re Into: September Edition


We’re sensing some similarities in what we’re all digging this month, centered around a trend that we are not only seeing a lot of here at CloudKid but also hearing a lot about in the media: digital content. As more and more digital content becomes available through providers like Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu, it is becoming commonplace to watch old and new favorites online. It seems that Cartoon Network isn’t thrilled with the amount of viewers they have been losing due to digital alternatives, but everyone here is quite happy watching the library of properties available on a moment’s notice. Here’s what those of us here at the ol’ CK HQ have been watching online lately. Enjoy!

An Old Favorite: Power Puff Girls


It’s hard to believe it has been 15 years since Craig McCracken’s iconic series about a trio of badass superhero girls aired on Cartoon Network. The crazy part is the humor and style are so timeless that all these years later the show is still impressive to watch.  Now available on Netflix (which has an extensive library of Cartoon Network IP), if you haven’t checked out this action packed series full of puns you most definitely should.

A New Favorite: Orange is the New Black


If the 12+ Emmy Nominations for Netflix’s original content wasn’t enough of an indication that they’re doing something right with their programming, their latest original, Orange is the New Black, is further proof that they’re taking the word “original” to heart. Under the expert guidance of Jenji Kohan (the creator of Weeds), the true story of Piper Kerman’s incarceration for a crime she committed during a post-college “experimental phase” over a decade before her stint in jail is masterfully translated into episodic gold. Piper’s role as our yuppie turned inmate anti-heroine serves as an entryway to the stories of dozens of other fascinating characters who you can’t help but think you’d never see featured on the (original) small screen. Orange is the New Black is equal parts gripping drama and dark comedy, masterfully written, acted and released (we dare you to try not watching all 13 episodes in a short span of time!). We can’t wait for Season 2, and definitely see some more Emmy nods in Netflix’s future for this gem.

A TV Show Growing Digitally: Breaking Bad


Speaking of Emmys, with 10 wins under it’s belt there’s not a lot to say about Breaking Bad that hasn’t been said before. Airing on AMC, it’s also available on Netflix, which according to the show’s creator has allowed the audience to grow and has kept the show on air. It’s the gritty saga of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, a chemistry teacher and his former student who team up to form a meth business. What starts as a small-time operation in order to fund Walt’s cancer treatment ends up as something else entirely. It’s one of the most popular shows on television, and for good reason – the writing is fresh and unexpected, the plots and characters form an intricate web, and the acting is at a level usually reserved for film. Bryan Cranston shines as Walt, bringing believability to a complex character that is as ruthless in his business dealings as he is dedicated as a father. If you like gritty drama and dark humor, Breaking Bad will suck you in and spit you out 5 seasons later begging for just one more hit.