We Love Games


We think it goes without saying that here at CloudKid, we love making games. We also love playing games. We even love making sure our fellow cube-mates have seen this video for this really cool game that we’re playing. This one, on my screen. Look here. I’m serious. You need to – no stop doing that, download this game right now.

So, we decided we would share our wealth of information with you…as well as give us an excuse to talk about games.

Ray’s The Dead


What do you think of when you hear “zombies” and “80s”? I’m sure none of you thought of ‘Thriller’ and instead named Ragtag Studio’s newest game Ray’s The Dead. In this single player narrative-based game, you control Ray, who is a newly ‘born’ zombie, and work to answer the afterlife’s biggest questions. Such as: “How did Ray die and become a zombie?” Or more importantly: “Why is there a lightbulb sticking out of Ray’s head?” If we had the answers, we sure wouldn’t tell you. Because you have to play it for yourself! Silly…

Work to create a team of various-type zombies, each with certain important skills – because zombies are not all the same and we shouldn’t judge them. Gameplay combines stealth, puzzles and action with a 1980s setting and soundtrack. Will be released on PC, MAC and Linux and can currently be voted for on Steam Greenlight.

Delver’s Drop


Looking for a new RPG with adorable artwork? Of course you are. Then you should check out Pixelscopic’s Delver’s Drop – their latest 2D action game. Using their patented Randungeonization™, every dungeon that you play through is a unique experience with shifting layouts, maze-like pathways and treacherous traps. Clearly there is some navigation strategy and puzzle-solving involved, as well as replayability. You control a certain categorized ‘miscreant’ who is imprisoned in, well, a dungeon. Rogues, Sorcerers, Gladiators – you name it, they’ve probably got it. Each has unique weapon perks, movement and skills. But, beware. If you die, you face being thrown down…The Drop. Will be released on PC, MAC, Linux, iOS, Android and even OUYA late 2013 – early 2014. You can currently vote for Delver’s Drop on Steam Greenlight.



Exclusive to the Playstation Vita, Tearaway is an upcoming adventure game set in a colorful papercraft world. It promises to feature some innovative gameplay by utilizing the Vita’s various built-in features. For example, use the camera to map a pattern on a character or interact with the touch panel to literally push your fingers through the paper ground and affect the in-game environment. The game drops on October 22; check out the game in action or visit the official site for more screens and videos. You can even print out and fold your own paper Elk, if you’re not afraid of papercuts.

Super Time Force


Super Time Force is best described as playing a multi-character co-op game with… yourself. Despite time-travel game mechanics being a thing of the past (pun totally intended), Super Time Force reinvents it by allowing you to play alongside your prior self if you’ve died in a level. With your previously-dead characters and your present character, you team up with yourself and can save your previous self from dying or use it to progress through the level.

Alright, it’s hard to put the gameplay into words, but if you watch the trailer and a guy telling you what this game’s about, maybe you’ll get it. Maybe. Either way, just know the game features some awesome pixel art and a great sense of humor, so you should look into it and try to grasp its awesomeness. Coming to Xbox Live Arcade sometime in 2013.



From the creators of Bastion, Transistor is Supergiant Game’s newest action RPG. Transistor features some incredible art and music, and despite looking very similar to Bastion, it introduces a new battle system that feels like a hybrid of turn-based and real-time combat. If Bastion was any indication, Transistor is going to look and sound amazing, so keep an eye out for its release sometime early 2014.

Ridiculous Fishing


I mean, this game is called Ridiculous Fishing, what more do you want. Cast your lure into the watery depths to pull up loads of fish, then shoot them out of the sky with your arsenal of firearms to get money for your catch – just like real fishing, but more ridiculous. The game rocks some amazing art and design, and is a solid catch for your iOS devices.



Taking some hints from the grids of Sudoku, Blendoku is all about putting colors in order and is definitely not as easy as it sounds. Added difficulty if you’re color blind…