Supermarket Mania Process

We’re proud the announce the launch of our latest Fizzy’s Lunch Lab game, Supermarket Mania!  The development was a ton of fun, so we decided to give a sneak-peek into our process.

From the get-go, we wanted to produce an interactive “board-game”, but PBS was hesitant due to past experiences with similar games.  Needless to say, that made us even more excited to tackle this project.  We set out to create an experience where kids navigate the supermarket, collect Fizzy’s ingredients, and checkout before Fast Food Freddy fills their cart with junk.   The curriculum goal was to educate kids about food decisions through a variety of challenges: fresh vs. processed foods (Factory vs. Farm); nutrition labels (Food Label Fun); and food identification (Find the ingredient).  In addition, we spent a lot of time researching supermarket signage and artwork to create an experience that brings the shopping experience to life.

Supermarket Mania was our most complex game to date because it includes dozens of UI screens, a NPC (computer challenger), and well-over a hundred audio files. In the end, we’re thrilled with the results.  Check out the visual process below.  Then, go play it.  Enjoy!