Student Visit

Last Friday, our welcoming committee (aka Mike and Sulley) greeted ten sophomores from Boston Preparatory Charter Public School on their visit to CloudKid HQ. The school has a focus on college and career readiness, and students take field trips to local businesses throughout the year. While many members of our staff have spoken at local universities and colleges, this was the first time we’ve hosted high school students in our offices.

After giving the students an intro to CloudKid and a tour of the office (which of course resulted in many a “This is where you work? There are so many toys!” reaction), we held a panel discussion with four of our employees. Students had the opportunity to ask questions and hear answers about everything from “what were you all like in high school” to “what advice do you have for us as we start to think about college and our careers?”. Our day was made when one student proclaimed “I didn’t think today was going to be that cool… but this is actually really cool!”.  We also loved getting to see the students interact with some of our games, including Negative Nimbus and Snacker Stacker, and we really enjoyed answering their questions about our work.

We hope we inspired some of the students to think more about potential career and college paths. Likewise, we hope any of you reading this may consider what you can do in your area to help local students. We promise, it will be well worth your time!