Spring Update

It’s been a while since we last updated the bloggy. We’ve been a little busy with a handful of pretty cool projects.  Here’s a little CloudKid update:

1. Fizzy’s Lunch Lab – We totally slayed the second season. All the content is done. Finished. Complete. In the bag…you get it. The videos, games, and recipes will be rolling out until September, so be sure to check back for weekly updates. We recently launched two pretty awesome games. The first one is Hard Boiled – a nutritional-themed game show where kids can play alone or face-off against a friend, peer, or sibling.  The second game is Hectic Harvest – a farming game that encourages you to plant crops, earn cash, and buy upgrades to become a farming machine.  Game development process posts will soon follow.

2. Ready to Learn – This fall PBS notified us that we were part of their US Department of Education Ready to Learn grant. As part of the grant, we had to propose a series of math-based games spanning a variety of media. Rather than proposing a bunch of mini-games, we took a risk and proposed creating one large game (ala Mario Bros). Our proposal was well-recieved and green-lit this February. We’re now in the thick of producing the epic online narrative-experience, Escape from Greasy World – kids must solve mini-math challenges to push along the larger narrative and solve the mystery of Fizzy’s whereabouts. We’re also producing a smaller IWB game based on the larger experience.

3. Radical Reading – We’ve been working with a major children’s media company to develop an amazing reading program for kids. While we’re currently face-down in development, production will officially start in the next month. It’s an awesome project with lots and lots of potential.

4. Hiring – It’s going to be a very busy summer at CloudKid, and we’re looking for a few good CloudKids. Stay tuned for job postings, hiring tips, and other hopefully useful information.

Up, up, and away…