Something’s different…

Notice anything different around here? Yup, that’s right… you’re looking at our brand spankin’ new blog page. Over the past month, CloudKid brains and brawn have been working like crazy in our computer lab and… voila! We are proud to present to you the new CloudKid website!

Now, now. There’s no need to get all nervous. Even though we’re suddenly really, really, really ridiculously good looking, we’re still the same old CloudKid at heart. Don’t believe us? Take a look and see for yourself! We’ve taken all the content from the old site, snazzed it up, and added tons more fun stuff. Seriously, so fun.

One of the reasons we went the extra mile with the new site is to attract talented folks.  The better the artists and programmers we work with are, the better CloudKid will be.  And since Boston is a pretty small town, we’re hoping the new site will help attract the best talent from our area and beyond.

Let us know what you think – we love feedback! You could even be like this lady and make your very own YouTube video about it.