Snacka Stacka Comin’ Atcha

Amid all the new website hoopla, we forgot to mention that our latest game, Snacker Stacker, launched on the Lunch Lab site earlier this month.  A nod to a couple of our favorite classics (think Dr. Mario and Tetris), the game mixes in some signature Fizzy flair to an awesomely addictive game mechanic.  Players can chose to help Fizzy deliver colorful foods to hungry customers in marathon, timed, or even 2 player modes.

We recently play-tested this game (with real kids!) and they couldn’t wait to play again.  We have to admit, we’re with them — this game has been a huge hit internally at CKHQ and with our adult friends and family.  So check it out when you have the chance, but be warned that you and/or your kids may get hooked!

If you do catch the Snacker Stacker bug, you can also check out the game’s project gallery on our new site for more information and in-process production photos.

Happy stacking (and snacking) to you all!