School’s in Session

The brainpower at CloudKid, we humbly say, is quite impressive. Between our artists, programmers, and producers, there isn’t a program, technique, or task that can’t be mastered. Nevertheless, we are always yearnin’ for some learnin’. Which is why the past few Wednesday evenings, the office has been abuzz with activity. Yep, CloudKid Academy – the name we’ve given our internal education forum – has officially launched!

We created CloudKid Academy to fill a void that we felt had been cramping our style. As the days, weeks, months (and now even years!) fly by, it’s all too easy to get into a routine. In that routine, sometimes it’s difficult to hone skills that don’t pertain to your specific job, and you might grow rusty with other skills you once used all the time. And, while we’re big supporters of online courses and local night classes, we also understand the challenge of fitting them into busy schedules.

CloudKid Academy is our prescription for an unfed thirst for knowledge. Every other week, CKA hosts skill-share sessions highlighting a specific artistic concept, program, or technical skill. And because every CloudKid has so much to offer, the sessions are taught by us, for us. So far, skill-shares have been a big hit. We’re a huge proponent of continuing education, and what better way to support our artists than by facilitating growth under our own roof? In time, we’re going to spread the love even further… check back in the future for CKA updates and insider tips on tools, ideas, and other expertise that’s being passed around the studio!