One Hope wlfr
Release Date 31/08/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents One Hope - wlfr

Back on CloudKid, One Hope helps us finish off the summer with his track, ‘wlfr,a soft rap with a vibrant glitchy music box for a hook. The artist says that he sees the song as laid-back and carefree, encapsulating a sound he fell in love with during the 2015-2018 Soundcloud era.  

He continues, “The song is about me calling out the fake friends who always belittled me when I first started trying to make music. Back in high school, I surrounded myself with the wrong people who’d make fun of me and bash all of my attempts to grow and learn how to write music. Some even went out to make parodies of my social media in jousts to my music and my early attempts of becoming a songwriter. Now I see those same people living scarcely, while I’m doing what I love and making a living out of it. You are what you become. Above it all, I don’t hold any malice towards them, I just wish I could see people be more compassionate to those who have different dreams and passions.”  

»I wish people would be more compassionate to those who have different dreams.«

Inspired by the likes of brakence, BAD CHILD, Louis The Child, Pham, and Vorsa, One Hope, real name Ty, is a a 22 year old artist and producer, based in Alberta, Canada. Coining himself as an emotional softie, the artist says he’s having fun making music and putting out records where he can be himself and do what he loves. His song, ‘wlfr‘ out via CloudKid!