Release Date 27/04/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Diana Goldberg - WHO NEEDS ENEMIES

Diana Goldberg’s latest single,WHO NEEDS ENEMIES’ is testament to her musical ability and shows just how much she’s grown as an artist since we saw her last, at the end of her ‘BLOSSOM IN THE DARK,’ EP and a stint in between, onASK FOR IT.’ Her latest with CloudKid is an explosive dark pop anthem that combines orchestral strings, thumping beats, and gritty synthesizers to create a powerful and catchy tune that is sure to captivate her existing fans and new audiences alike.

The lyrics of the song are powerful and impactful, reflecting on the pain and hurt that comes with being betrayed by those you once trusted. Goldberg shares her personal experience with fake friends, a common theme that many of us can relate to and the origin of the song and its title. She says, “You feel like the main character, since the track empowers you to claim back your power… // you can do a lot to me but you won’t be the boss of me. // It’s an anthem for any environment where you might face this and is written as a reminder to get back on track and not play the victim card. Leave them behind and move on with your life.” The message is clear, and it’s one that’s empowering to anyone who’s faced similarly.    

»It's written as a reminder to get back on track...«

Through her lyrical and sonic DIY-storytelling, Goldberg dares listeners to be as bold and unapologetic as she is, urging them to let go of any expectations others might have of them, citing her own upbringing and inner desire to shy away from societal and cultural norms, choosing instead to listen to her inner voice, as motivation. The result is one that exudes an alt-pop, neo-soul sound with experimentation and unpredictability at the forefront. Rebellious, empowering and vulnerable, she hopes that in being reflective of her own life and its difficult, tormenting situations, that her music will challenge her own creativity while breaking structural rules and deliver musical social critique of the world through catchy melodies and trap beats. The end goal? Forging a coherent, albeit dark, creative cosmos for anyone feeling misunderstood, judged, hurt, lonely or all of the above.