Ex Habit Who Do You Want
Release Date 28/03/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Ex Habit - Who Do You Want

Joining the CloudKid catalogue is Ex Habit and his latest single, ‘Who Do You Want,a seductive, sultry, electronic R&B track with clear influences from The Weeknd, Rosenfeld and Billie Eilish to name a few of Ex’s sonic models of inspiration.          

He says about the track, “The song tells a story of a toxic relationship that has fallen apart. Once loving and warm, it has turned bitter and hurtful, yet both people are so attached to each other and each other’s bodies that they keep getting back together. The narrator speaks about the components of the relationship, as he sings in the song, ‘pain & pleasure; love & damage; lust & phantoms.’  These themes seep into the chorus, as he admits both his and her feelings: ‘I lied / I’m wrong / I’m high / Who do you want babe / You fight / You hope / You hide / Who do you want babe.’ There is a clear painting of him as the villain in both of their tragic stories.”  

»There is a clear painting of the narrator as the villain in both their tragic stories. «

20-year-old artist and songwriter, Ex Habit describes his music as sad, sensual and exactly the right vibe to listen to during sex. Think of the times you had a nasty break-up, but then got back together, to then find yourself in a lustful, semi-toxic relationship with a vast range of different emotions: from the highest of the highs to the lowest of the lows; that’s the sound Ex Habit wants to embody, manoeuvring listeners on a joyride of dark, neon, sexy, intimate, mysterious, depressing and euphoric sentiments all at the same time. We welcome him to the CloudKid family with ‘Who Do You Want,‘ OUT NOW!