Diana Goldberg WHITE LIES
Release Date 26/05/2021
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Diana Goldberg - WHITE LIES

The German-Latvian pop artist and singer-songwriter Diana Goldberg shows off her unique take on pop music – devoid of any structure and based on breaking rules – with her latest single ‘WHITE LIES’. Embezzled in dark-spherical synth pop and trap beats, Diana’s neo-soul vocals take centre stage throughout the whole song. Showing off a softer style in the verses and a more raw and gritty approach in the chorus, we’re treated to a track that keeps us enchanted throughout. She explains:

“Have you ever dealt with someone who is self-destructive and selfish? Have you ever felt helpless wanting to help them whilst feeling worse after spending time with them? The track deals with the consequences and lies within a toxic relationship. Although you know it’s best to stay away from toxic personalities, you remain loyal and want to save someone who didn’t want to be saved in the first place. Telling white lies seems like the best antidote for coping with this complex situation. We choose the easy way out: running away from the truth rather than leaving the person behind. Not being able to break this vicious cycle, we end up believing the white lies we tell ourselves – pretending that everything is fine while we keep lying to each other and ourselves.“

»The track deals with the consequences and lies within a toxic friendship«

With a strong focus on sound, Diana’s music is clearly inspired by the dark corners of our soul, taboo topics, vulnerability and taking the listener on a journey to celebrate our darkness from within. Signed to Cloudkid, ‘WHITE LIES’ kicks off an exciting start for the artist in 2021, with plenty of much more of the same ready to come your way throughout the year.