Silent Child When You Need Me
Release Date 05/03/2020

CloudKid Presents Silent Child - When You Need Me

After an impactful rise in the scene with his prior single ’ll Be There For You’, the anticipation for a Silent Child follow-up has grown bigger than ever before. Now, his brand new single ‘When You Need Me’ puts an end to the wait, and delivers another perfect dose of raw and emotive energy to your ears. The track’s narrative follows a sequel, a softer and brighter one as Silent Child explains:

It being the sequel, the song is also about my relationship. It was made more recently, but it still felt right. I like to use guitar to convey my feelings in a more understanding way and so I ended up using it more in this track because I just felt like there was more for me to say. The first song was almost like an introduction to my feelings, whereas “When You Need Me” is the real love story

»When You Need Me Is the real love story«

Silent Child’s music stems from a place of heavy emotions; a channel which the 19 year old producer uses to put his feelings on the table for everyone to see, and for everyone to understand they are not alone in hard times. Releasing his music on Cloudkid – a label which spotlights artistic purpose and belief – brings Silent Child’s message to even more light, with ‘When You Need Me’ being the perfect track to do so.