whatyoudid. What You Did
Release Date 26/09/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents whatyoudid. - What You Did

Mysterious and dark, with a dynamic and dance floor-worthy 4 to the floor beat, London-based whatyoudid. returns to CloudKid with his second track that will have listeners moving to its every beat.  

He says of the track, “Despite having a fairly abstract nature, ‘What You Did’ is primarily about unspoken temptation. About fighting the urge to resist against something you want but know you can’t have – which makes you want it even more. Notable lines include // it doesn’t really matter what you said, only really matters what you did // which is where my tagline comes from, and // so maybe turn the lights out, and we can see how far down the hole we go, // a vague reference to the film ‘The Matrix with its Alice in Wonderland parallels.”  

»It's about fighting the urge to resist against something you want...«

On his next release with CloudKid, UK-based artist, whatyoudid. says again what he says above, the infamous line that will become the basis of this steadily growing artist project that many will be curious about down the line given its secretive, clandestine nature: “It’s not about what you said, it’s about whatyoudid.” His song, ‘What You Did’ out now!