updog what's updog
Release Date 21/01/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents updog - what's updog

‘what’s updog’ is dark, moody and brooding; quite contrary to the playful, cheerful energy that permeated updog’s last body of work on ‘skellies.’ Nevertheless, fans of the updog project will notice many similarities in his newest single to his older works, as it gears back to an alt-pop ‘n rock sound with more electronic sensibilities, accompanied by strong rhythm and flow verses, a la updog, and critically self-aware lyrics that will leave listeners feeling right out of an at-home therapy session.        

updog says, “This song is meant to act as a ‘checking in on your self’ type of song. I personally always find it therapeutic to do a proper, meta level check-in on my mental state once in a while especially with this project. I wanted my first release of 2022 to be introspective, a conversation with myself, one where I reckon a lot of people naturally have with themselves quite regularly, too. I also decided to include the ‘what’s updog? ‘as it’s the most obvious tagline that comes to mind with this as it’s a pretty comical concept. I thought it was time to own that phrase in a more serious way, in relation to my artistry.”

»I find it therapeutic to do a meta-level check-in on my mental state once in a while.«

updog left 2021 and has now graduated from quirky pop melodies and whacky lyrics and is slated to head back to his roots with this first single of his upcoming seven track EP, entitled ‘falling is flying’ scheduled for release in early summer. Previously, the artist had explored more abstract and fun narratives, but this time moves toward focusing on darker and heavier sounds on this record, while trying to reclaim the meaning of the ‘what’s updog’ joke his artist project is so named after. With support from music tastemakers such as MrSuicideSheep, xKito, Valliant already, and a growing fan-base and community who are eager to see what he does next, 2022 looks bright, albeit with dark music, for updog. The serious, broody, self-reflective ‘what’s updog’ out now on CloudKid!

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