problem solved What's It Gonna Take? (feat. Lost Boy)
Release Date 31/05/2024
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents problem solved & Lost Boy - What's It Gonna Take?

problem solved returns to CloudKid to release his next single, a laid-back (swung), feel-good, pop record with bouncy grooves, minimal, albeit selective production, while encompassing an acoustic and an electronic track on ‘What’s It Gonna Take?’ Featuring vocals from artist, songwriter and producer, Lost Boy, this track will be sure to induce an earworm in any listener.

The artists say of the song, “This song is about the feeling of continuously giving and still being unsure if it’s enough. In music, in relationships, in your job. It was originally written as a carefree sounding song, but one that is also filled with self doubt, and a deep sense of naive optimism. While we were writing it, we decided to implement a couple gardening references to it, since the song felt like putting your headphones in, spending a sunny day walking through a park or city and simply exploring it in a good mood.”  

»...the feeling of continuously giving and still being unsure if it's enough.«

problem solved has continued to level up with his genre bending productions, unconventional sound choices and unique ear for melodies and rhythms since his start. Inspired by the likes of Kanye West, Linkin Park, Flume and Kaytranada, he has since become genre-less in his production, though mainly influenced in fusing electronic music, hip hop and pop, turning out tunes that ultimately fit into one cohesive sound. Alongside him is Lost Boy, aka Dillon Deskin, a multi-talented artist, songwriter, and producer hailing from the Bay Area, now based in Los Angeles. With a whopping 33 million streams already under his belt, with new releases slated for arrival all of 2023, he’s already been able to make a name for himself in the scene. The multi-hyphenate artist first debuted in 2017 with single “Poison,” going on to achieve viral chart success on Spotify and YouTube, ultimately landing him a deal with Ultra Records. Together, they release “What’s It Gonna Take?” exclusively with CloudKid!