Neoni Wars in a Wonderland
Release Date 20/08/2021
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Neoni - Wars in a Wonderland EP

Single after single, Neoni have delivered badass and eclectic barrier-breaking and stereotype-shattering sounds, that of which have prepared both sisters, and their ever-growing fanbase, for their debut EP release, Wars in a Wonderland. With every moment of victory — and defeat — as they would say, reflected in their moody, honest and cinematic music, comes not only powerful lyrics, but a ton of veracity that will no doubt leave listeners feeling both grand and sinister at the same time. Neoni, and CloudKid, thus, welcome you to Wonderland! The pair say about their accompanying track, ‘Wonderland,’:

“There’s always a moment in every person’s life when you take off your rose-colored glasses and see life in its less than cheery colours. That’s what ‘Wonderland‘ is about. It’s an introduction to life as it is. It’s about losing that innocence that lets you believe that life will always be perfect. It’s about the moment when you see through all the hype. It’s about growing up and facing everything that people didn’t mention.”

»It’s about questioning if this is really as good as it gets. «

Neoni’s largest release to date is finally here! With their six-track EP,  there’s no doubt that listeners will feel invincible after every single song end. The impressive catalogue that both sister’s have built up for the past couple of years has not only allowed them to invite listeners to a world full of energy, drama, authenticity, and excitement, but along with their ever-growing fanbase, helped them garner tons of radio play in the United States and be included in myriads of Spotify editorial playlists and other written features. What’s next for the sisters can only get bigger and better from here!

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