Jupe Waiting
Release Date 21/02/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Jupe - Waiting (ft. Akacia)

Jupe’s unmistakably catchy and poppy sound hits us once again with his latest single ‘Waiting’. Featuring luring vocals by the vocal sensation Akacia, the track encompasses everything that has made Jupe’s music stand out this far. Including his knack for melodies and captivating drops, ‘Waiting’ still takes on a uniquely bouncy and future sound in itself. Both artists explain their process and meaning behind the track:

“Funny story…this song is actually about 2 years old now, and I’ve reworked it about 10 times since I first wrote it. Kinda ironic”. – Jupe

“I wrote this song surrounding the realization that sometimes you just can’t change people. And if you’re wanting to change someone, it’s usually reflecting on the fact that there’s something you need to change about yourself too”. – Akacia

»I've reworked it about 10 times since I first wrote it«

Jupe’s 2 year journey to get ‘Waiting’ to where it is right now shines a spotlight on his ambition and credibility as an artist. Releasing on Cloudkid once again since after last single ‘Moments’, the match provides Jupe the breathing-ground to release the track as it was always meant to be. End the wait, and listen to ‘Waiting’ now.

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