updog vacatione
Release Date 05/09/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents updog - vacatione

Since releasing his fourth EP, ‘falling is flying,’ updog returns, gracing listeners with the first track of the “new updog era,” this introduction to that world entitled ‘vacatione,’ a song seemingly fitting for the summer season. However, despite the happy-go-lucky vibe, cross between hyper pop & hip hop sonic sensibilities and feel of the song given its bouncy production, a bleaker picture is painted in the lyrics.

updog says, “What started as a ‘feel good‘ song about me yearning to go on holiday, ended up turning into song about how that holiday ended up turning into a bitter experience. It also chronicles my time going away after my big move to Berlin; with all the paperwork and settling in, I wanted to leave that behind and have a good time in Greece, but it ended up being a disaster where I thought, ‘maybe I should have just stayed home.'”  

»That holiday ended up turning into a bitter experience...«

updog is ready to walk down a brand new path. The end of his previous EP marked the end of his emo era, that body of work full of songs that were introspective, self-deprecating and full of meta-level lyricism. However, as that EP progressed, listeners found themselves hearing less serious narratives, where the writing fluctuated instead to describe moments in real time, rather than at the meta, life level. This time around, with a new EP in the works, out for release late autumn/early winter,  updog wants listeners to follow his life, through story and sound, as it is now, following some of his mundane moments, while making them into grandiose storytelling for the masses. Poetic, full of good vibes and music to simply chill to, this new way forward for updog is more about paying homage to his own experiences and himself more than anything — or anyone else. But first, let’s end the summer. ‘vacatione‘ out now via CloudKid.

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