Say So City Used To My Love
Release Date 02/11/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Say So City - Used To My Love

Churning out tunes like they do so well, the Say So City trio send a new song over for our listening pleasure, a track that is a a rather unique take on what can be considered a usual heartbreak song, on ‘Used To My Love.’ “Instead of being weak and pathetic from things no longer working out, you find the power you didn’t know you even possessed,” they say, which is made true on the song by both the powerful vocals and punching instrumentals.  

Say So City continues, “Imagine just how good it would feel to just burn down all the bad vibes in your life! Liberating, right?! The warmth of being swallowed by the flames and forget everything around you. That’s what this song is about. It’s written from a perspective of someone who is passing by life whilst being in a relationship that is hollow, fake, and joyless. And so this song comes in and starts questioning how far you can take things and still make it out alive. The song is full of badassery and ‘fuck it’ vibes. There’s no doubt that the lyrics are speaking to one’s inner villain, who is finally let out – and maybe in the midst of taking it too far? It’s vague and purposeful; the listener gets to decide.”  

»It's vague and purposeful; the listener gets to decide.«

Following the dance, club-like hits that were their previous two singles, ‘Can’t Love Me,’ that scored them four Spotify Editorial lists, including Oyster and Electrending, and ‘Teaser‘ that scored numerous YouTube placements, including Nightblue and Galaxy Music, Danish-trio Say So City return for their next track of a more subdued nature, ‘Used To My Love.’ Say So City’s first EP, ‘It’s On, also released on CloudKid last year, acted as a musical movement and endeavour in which they each opened their world to a generation of listeners and youth that they hoped had a specific style and creative mark to it. Their rocktronic sound and indie pop edge gave the an advantage; and now, with their next EP, I Might Be God, out at the end of November, they’ve proven that they are able to push the limits of their own creativity with new sounds and genre-bending music.