Mickey Valen Ur Perfect I Hate It [Remixes]
Release Date 17/04/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Mickey Valen - Ur Perfect I Hate It feat. Emilia Ali [Remixes]

Following the release of Mickey Valen’s unmissable 2020 single ‘Ur Perfect I Hate It (feat. Emilia Ali)’’, the inevitability of its attraction to top-tier producers and a preceding Remix pack was only a matter of time. Featuring remixes from the likes of Lenno, Airmow, Jupe and I See Colors, the 4-track remix pack will undoubtedly top-up any Mickey Valen cravings you have had to endure since its release.

Kicking things off with a remix from Lenno remix can only mean a good thing. Already holding remixes from the likes of Trove Lo, Jai Wolf and Zayn under his belt, his expert touch in combining disco and funk gives the track a glorious playful twist. French producer Airmow follows this up with his renowned innovative sound design that keeps your ears transfixed on every note; while Jupe, with his knack for bouncy melodies and captivating future sound, beefs up the track into an exquisite drop. Last but not least, I See Colors provides the perfect ending with a grandiose colourful and euphoric touch.

While the original track already provided the perfect cocoon for Mickey Valen’s emotive production backed by Emilia’s storytelling, the various interpretations push the single into further unimaginable dimensions no one could see coming, all the while never losing sight of what made us fall in love with the original song in the first place. And best of all, they give us 4 more tracks for us to binge on yet again.