Mickey Valen Undo Me
Release Date 02/08/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Mickey Valen, Emily Vaughn - Undo Me

Electronic, future bass, sounds permeate Mickey Valen’s next track with vocalist Emily Vaughn, entitled ‘Undo Me.

The producer says the song is about a toxic relationship that involves “someone gaslighting another and making it a near impossibility to move on from that situation and person.”

»...impossible to move on.«

Mickey Valen has been well known to create music to achieve human connection. And how does he do so? Making sure to stay true to himself and work with authentic artists that will write empowering lyrics that are able to match his distinct production style. Since 2016, Mickey has grown into a successful artist achieving over 300 million combined streams, reaching the Top 10 charts on iTunes Dance/Electronic with multiple songs, as well as charting on Spotify‚Äôs Global Viral 50. Whatever happens next after the hype over his most streamed song to date, ‘Chills,‘ is over, is uncertain, but what we do know is that it’ll be purely ‘Mickey Valen‘ in all of its sound, structure and essence.