crypto Teenage Dream
Release Date 01/09/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Crypto - Uncovered, Vol. 1

Crypto tells all with the debut of their EP, Uncovered, Vol. 1, and with focus track ‘Teenage Dream,’ an alternative, dark, dance-y version of the Katy Perry love ballad classic.

Crypto says of the final song in his cover journey, “I had to end my time on Earth with a bang! And what better way to do that than with a banger of a song. As everyone knows, the song is a throwback to the euphoric feelings of being in love as a teenager and reminiscent of youths in love. I had an amazing time on Earth — it’s been, quite literally, a dream —  and I thought that I would pay homage to those feelings within me that I’ve felt toward this time, meeting new people, and discovering new music with this song. But truth be told, I don’t think this is the end; I have a few more things up my sleeve, and I can’t wait to share them with others I encounter on this end…but also new beginning.” 

»The euphoric feelings of being in love...«

Inspired by the universe-renowned music scene on planet Earth, Crypto decided to embark on a hell of a musical journey, leaving their home planet to write and release music for mere humans. Released on CloudKid, Crypto thought it would be the perfect label to help them explore a whole new world. Giving full freedom of expression and encouragement to be themselves, Crypto is now able to explore their creativity without limits and show us humans where their outer-worldly music skills — and taste, plus epic collaborations — can take them next.

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