Two Neighbors Two Neighbors EP
Release Date 28/08/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Two Neighbors - Two Neighbors EP

The hard-pop and edgy duo Two Neighbors welcome you into their hood’s block party with the launch of their self titled debut EP Two Neighbors. Having already given us a taster with previous singles ‘Back Then’ – exploring themes of fallible modern day romances – or showing off their grittier and rockier side with ‘Little Mila’, the EP delivers even more of what’s made Two Neighbors music so enchanting so far. Whether it be a sense of badass confidence through their catchy hooks and sassy singing on ‘Peace and Love’, or a nostalgic feeling from the sobering lyrics and moody production on ‘Orange Rose’, the EP encapsulates it all.

They explain:  “This EP is for people still wiggling in their skin. It’s inspired by longing… longing for success, love, for the past, the experience of someone trying to find their own sound and path

»This EP is for people still wiggling in their skin«

If 2020 has anything left to give, it’s in the shape of this 5-track journey through little cinematic stories created by producer Andre and singer & lyricist Sophie. Channeling the mood of quarantine, the EP embodies the current familiar feeling of uncertainty mixed with deep hopefulness; music that makes you want to jump around, cry, feel sexy – all while still being able to appreciate the deeper meaning behind the lyrical content. As they say… Love thy neighbor (or two of them) and check out the Two Neighbors debut EP now.