Jake Daniels Two Face
Release Date 11/02/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Jake Daniels - Two Face

Jake Daniels’ most famous and streamed song to date is getting a re-release through CloudKid! Originally released in 2020, ‘Two Face,’ is now finding a home on the label’s catalogue, fuelling more momentum to Daniels’ ever-growing repertoire of indie-pop music infused with electronic-dance and other worldly, soulful vibes and sounds.

Regarding the track, Daniels says, “‘Two Face‘ is a take on two things – the first is the Harvey Dent story from Batman (who the song is named after), and the second revolves around dealing with multiple personality disorder. The song touches on the struggles of it, what it feels like to have it and how one behaves when going through it. Though there’s more to the illness than I could know, the development of the song was straightforward. I was watching the film and was inspired by the character enough to write a song about what I thought being Harvey Dent feels like. Plus, I was also going thorough an extremely dark time, so this contributed to it as well, and seemed fitting — that feeling of being at a crossroads.”    

»I was watching Batman and was inspired enough to write a song about what I thought being Two Face feels like. «

Upstate New York artist, Jake Daniels, is no new kid on the block. With over 100 million streams and video views across all platforms, numerous top spots on the pop, alternative, and all-genre charts on iTunes, Apple Music, Shazam, and Deezer, and several Editorial playlist placements, Jake is surely an artist to remember. His real break into the industry was with his viral sensation, “Two Face,” now finding a home on the CloudKid catalogue with its re-release for the community. Inspired by the likes of Grandson, KID BRUNSWICK, Des Rocs and Charlotte Lawrence, Daniels shows with every track, not only how versatile his style of music can be, but how fitting his acclaim is already. Check out Two Face’ out now!