Mia Vaile Twisted
Release Date 29/11/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Mia Vaile - Twisted

Mia Vaile is back with her latest single on CloudKid, ‘Twisted,’  a hypnotic track featuring captivating guitar arrangements and hauntingly romantic vocals. The music seamlessly merges dark, edgy tones with bright melodies, creating an alluring sonic experience.

She says of the song, “This is a song about the struggle of letting go of a past love. It’s a love that lurks in your heart and mind even years after things ended. The song portrays the complex and twisted experience of loving your partner all while fantasizing and comparing them with a past love.”  

»Love that lurks in your heart...«

Mia Vaile is an American-Israeli singer-songwriter who started her career as the lead singer and songwriter of the band Veorra. After the band broke up, Mia launched her solo career out of her bedroom and focused the next step of her musicality on electro-pop sensibilities that had an alternative and unique twist. She quickly gained recognition and reached tens of millions of streams across multiple streaming platforms. The artist tends to work outside the norm of traditional singer-songwriters, experimenting with various genres while still impressing with her one-of-a-kind vocal tone and resonating through her lyrical narratives. Her songs carry a whirlwind of emotion as she speaks directly from her heart. She says, “everything that I write has a piece of me in it. My songs are my truth.”