Mblue Try
Release Date 15/03/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Mblue - Try

New CloudKid signee, Mblue, releases his first single with the label. On ‘Try,’ the artist blends blues, rock, and electronic music with strong sound contrasts, numerous counterpoints, and a somewhat melancholic vocal. Mechanical sounds are intertwined with organic accents and unusual elements adding to the track’s overall dark and mysterious mood.  

He says of the song, “This song tells a tale of endeavoring to move forward, yet it’s no facile feat, to be able to extricate oneself from all that’s past and the emotions that still fleet. Memories continue to afflict and haunt, lingering long in one’s dream, The thoughts of “you and me” incessantly recur in the song, an unwelcome mental scheme. Blind trust is all that’s left, hoping for a reconciliation that may never be, as the pain of the loss of love continues to consume, a deep yearning, a misery.”  

»...yet it's no facile feat.«

Mblue is a songwriter, dark pop & electronica producer from Poland. He is fascinated by the universe, infinity, quantum physics and unbelievably strange laws that rule our world and deems himself an escapist from prosaism, a daydreamer, a huge fan of Queen, Led Zeppelin and Radiohead music as his greatest influences. After graduating from the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, Poland, where he studied sound engineering, he began composing, arranging and producing music for films, TV programs, radio plays, audiobooks, TV commercials, samples and theatrical performances. However, he’s since become an artist in his own right, recently discovering the creation of music and song is what fuels him with the most pleasure and satisfaction. He also plays piano and guitar. His first single with CloudKid, ‘Try,’ out now!

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