Vosai Trenches (feat. Neoni)
Release Date 14/07/2021
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Vosai - Trenches (ft. Neoni)

Vosai thrills listeners with his¬†emotionally-charged new single Trenches‘. Featuring vocals from the empowering, powerhouse sister-duo that is Neoni, the Danish producer entrances listeners with a dark, melancholic production that he hopes makes them feel like he did in the process.

“As an artist, I value emotional productions that stand out. This song started off as an instrumental, revolving around a weird melancholic sound playing throughout the whole track, and then developed into a hard hitting drop. Neoni then jumped on the track making this song what it is now. This is one of my personal favorite songs that I’ve been so excited to share with the world.”

»As an artist, I value emotional productions that stand out.«

Born in 2000, the young producer’s interest in music began at an even more youthful age, slowly becoming an addition as he grew older. In 2018, Vosai released his debut single, ‘Different Angles,’ and has since released music through the likes of Lowly and NCS, with support coming from promoters like Trap Nation, Trap City, among others. It is clear that he is focused on immersing himself into channeling his life’s natural emotions and onto heavy, compelling beats that will stir up some feelings in others alongside him.

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