Ex Habit Too Late To Love You
Release Date 29/06/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Ex Habit - Too Late To Love You

Dark, mysterious and oh so sexy, Ex Habit returns for another single, his second on his own via CloudKid entitled, ‘Too Late To Love You.’ With the help of a few collaborators, of which include producers, Alexey Samoylov and Nikita Nuke, as well as production assistance from CloudKid artists TRUU and Omido, Ex Habit offers a track that circles all the motions and feelings of being on one end of a difficult breakup, which shows itself musically in the narrative arc of the song, as well as in its explosive sound.

Ex Habit describes, “The track is about losing hope in a relationship and trying to compensate it with sex. When writing the lyrics, I felt the darkness of a breakup looming over me and decided to translate that into a song. The lyrics and melodies have a dark and mysterious sense of dread, while maintaining the signature sexy vibe of my music. The stark contrast between the verse and the chorus was created to emphasize the emotional pain that the narrator was in. The verses are that sort of quiet depression of the moment whereas the chorus is an explosive anxiety attack following that. My favorite lines are // I’ll just stay in my bed and watch the clouds fill my sky // and // I’m all alone in my own head but without you, I’ll be even more dead //

»I felt the darkness of this breakup looming over me and decided to translate that into a song.«

20-year-old artist and songwriter, Ex Habit describes his music as sad, sensual and exactly the right vibe to listen to during sex. Think of the times you had a nasty break-up, but then got back together, to then find yourself in a lustful, semi-toxic relationship with a vast range of different emotions: from the highest of the highs to the lowest of the lows; that’s the sound Ex Habit wants to embody, maneuvering listeners on a joyride of dark, neon, sexy, intimate, mysterious, depressing and euphoric sentiments all at the same time. His latest single ‘Too Late To Love You,’ available now for streaming!