R3YAN Tonight (feat. BLVKES)
Release Date 22/04/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents R3YAN - Tonight (feat. BLVKES)

R3YAN and BLVKES join forces with an irresistible new single ‘Tonight’. With both artists in the midst of kicking off their career, the two of them waste no time in showing the world what they’re all about. The captivating combination of R3YAN’s arrangements layered by BLVKES vocals merge perfectly into a track that oozes a sensual and alternative sound easily matching the likes of Two Feet or Adam Jensen. BLVKES explains:

“My lyrics are often about the troubles and imperfections of relationships. But it’s also about love. Not even to a specific person, but in general. Love is the most important thing in our life. I like to call it harmony. I feel it so deeply and I want  to share that feeling with the listeners. This song specifically is a pretty sexy song about a confident guy and his honey… at least for tonight”.

»My lyrics are often about the troubles and imperfections of relationships«

Now releasing on Cloudkid, this artistic direction grows even stronger. With R3YAN inspired to produce music unbound by genre and with BLVKES set to share his thoughts with his listeners, it’s clear that these two are just getting started. Keep and eye out and listen to ‘Tonight’ now. 

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