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CloudKid Presents updog - tired of my life

updog’s latest release ‘tired of my life’ completes a hat-trick of hit-singles for the anonymous songwriter in just three months. The track’s distinctive structure sees two verses packed with expressive vocals, each followed by an instrumental drop featuring one of the most goosebump-inducing guitar riffs you’ve probably heard in a long time. Initially intended to be part of a big guitar solo, the riff – now married with his signature electronic production – has become the centrepiece of the song; and at merely over 2 minutes long, ‘just one more play’ will never be enough.

updog explains: “On the surface, this song is about being in a crippling, overbearing relationship where you feel like you can’t escape. It’s about recognizing that sometimes no matter how much you convince yourself that someone is great for you, they are actually destroying you. I’ve been in similar relationships in the past. I think on a more personal level it represents my relationship with anything that has crippled my ability to be the best version of myself. More specifically my struggles with substance abuse, like smoking and drinking when I was younger. That said, I think this speaks on addiction of any form, whether that is to drugs, videos games, relationships etc. No matter how much you tell yourself that it’s helping you out, it is ruining you, it is your worst enemy, it stabs you in the back and is responsible for your worst decisions”

»no matter how much you convince yourself that someone is great for you, they are actually destroying you «

Born out of an unlikely chain of events, updog’s journey tells one of impactful music, honesty, and one which eventually ends in his latest single being his most anticipated yet. updog first came under Cloudkid’s spotlight after sending them a taped demo and a heartfelt letter by post. His music and artistic concept instantly resonated with Cloudkid, who in all the excitement, decided to share the moment with their community. The reaction was mutual, and in the end, it was this community who urged for updog’s music to be signed and his project to be realised. Three singles later, updog’s following has only grown further – ‘tired of my life’ showing us again exactly why.

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