Airmow Time (feat. ROSA)
Release Date 18/03/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Airmow - Time (ft. ROSA)

It’s time for some more Airmow. Pairing up with the lush vocals and captivating lyrics from ROSA, the pair set off to explore some unmissable sounds with their new single ‘Time’. Instantly capturing Airmow’s dark and raw electronic production, we’re reminded that the French producer has a very special way with his sounds. Weaving in his signature blend of hard electronic and textural pop, ‘Time’ encapsulates everything that’s so exciting about this upcoming talent. They explain:   

“The song is about a broken relationship. It tells the story as one of them realises they aren’t being treated well and chooses to leave. Having realised the damage done, the other person in the relationship keeps trying to reconnect but it’s too late, ultimately leaving them trying to figure out whether their relationship should be brought to a close, or whether it just needs time to bring them both back together”. ROSA expands on her lyrical process: “I tell stories within my music, mostly from personal experiences. I tend to really connect to the lyrics I write. I hope that others will be able to go through the experiences with me, as well as connect to it in the same way with regard to their own experiences. Sometimes I get inspired by things that people tell me during a conversation, one sentence could really stand out so I’ll try to write an entire song based around that”.

»Airmow's presence in the scene can only be anticipated to become more and more relevant«

On par with the likes of Flume or Lemaitre, and of course the unmistakable French touch of Justice and Daft Punk, Airmow’s presence in the scene can only be anticipated to become more and more relevant. Now releasing on Cloudkid once again, his music takes on even more meaning than ever before. Waste no time in checking out ‘Time’ now. 

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