BB Cooper Ticket to Contemplation
Release Date 25/08/2021
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents BB Cooper - Ticket to Contemplation EP

BB Cooper’s introspective, dark and alternative debut EP has left hold and taken flight. On his first cohesive project, having already teased listeners with three previous singles, the self-proclaimed anti-pop artist looks inward and self-reflectively in order to deliver an honest, raw, and sometimes dark, artistic presentation. Though there are some self-doubting lyrics, Cooper makes sure that these difficult feelings are juxtaposed with a little bit of black humour whenever and wherever possible. His most personal track on the EP, ‘Pray,’  reminds him and his listeners of the challenges that have occurred in the past year and a half, and how much his own struggles have helped and shaped his creative process.

He says,”2020 was a pretty dark year for everyone; listening back to some of the lyrics on this record really takes me back to how I felt at the time. ‘Thinking about thinking is all I know,’ is specifically one of the lines I can recall writing. I was really wrapped up in overthinking, to the point that I began obsessing over the actual process of thinking itself.”

»It's ok not to be ok. It'll always get better, even if it feels impossible.«

BB Cooper is the criminal — and musical mastermind — behind the EP, Ticket to Contemplation. Hailing from an undisclosed location, there have been several attempts at guessing his true identity (including referring to him, instead, as DB), none of which have had any luck in a reveal. However, with this secrecy, comes an authenticity, with many of Cooper’s lyrics and themes often being personal in nature and reflective of the turbulent journey he has traveled thus far. Signed to CloudKid, and already having garnered support on his debut track ‘Blame’ by BBC Radio Introducing, as well as leading YouTube channels xKito, Galaxy and Aviencloud, it is clear that BB Cooper is already causing quite a storm. With his largest body of work to date, he invites you to get ready, grab a chute and strap in for the ride. Who knows where he might land next?