Dooqu, EthanUno The Way I Like
Release Date 22/05/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Dooqu x EthanUno - The Way I Like

Production genie Dooqu joins forces with the vocal sensation EthanUno to explore the more fun and dancy side of of their artistic spectrums. Dooqu is the project that the young Danish producer – Birk Bønløkke – grew up with. Acting as his “testing area”, the exclusion of rules means Dooqu has become a project where all sounds are welcome and a refreshing to be in. Ultimately, the goal has lead him to release of an impressive array of songs unlike anyone else – always giving the fans a unique listening experience. Meanwhile, EthanUno – currently a Music Technology student at New York University – is aspiring and well underway to becoming a professional producer and songwriter. Inspired by the likes of The Weeknd, Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes it’s clear to see that Uno’s approach of honing into his craft is already earning him an irrefutable reputation as the next voice you’ll be hearing on many tracks. 

Talking on the making of the track, Dooqu explains: “I was tired of listening and tired of making sad music. I needed something fun – something danceable. The amazing thing about being an artist is, you can bring the things you want to life yourself. So I did! It all started with me and a friend having fun jamming. Then I hit up the legend, EthanUno, who delivered amazing vocals” EthanUno adds: “I was sent the production by Dooqu. Upon listening to it, I heard the chorus melody in my head. Specifically the line that says “you know we could do, and do…”, I immediately thought something great was happening when that came to me. I finished up the vocals and sent them to Dooqu. He did his magic from there, polishing up the track to the pristine form that you hear now. Hopefully we make more in the future!”

»I needed something fun - something danceable«

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