Bentez Therapy
Release Date 09/02/2024
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CloudKid Presents Bentez - Therapy

Berlin-based singer-songwriter Bentez returns with her next single “Therapy,” a fierce Electronic Dark Pop track narrating a complex and tumultuous relationship.

She says of the song, “In this track, I share my experience about someone who was once very close to me but unknowingly caused me pain through their expectations and conditions. While trying to empathize with their struggles, I found myself overwhelmed by the depth and weight of their issues. “Therapy” serves as my outlet for the anger and frustration that I’ve hidden from this person.”    

»unknowingly caused me pain«

Bentez is a Berlin-based artist and songwriter with an affinity for dark pop and alternative artistic expressions. Her lyricism is witty and unfiltered, touching on subjects such as troubled love, the ego, self-destructive behavior, and other topics that are considered uncomfortable. Inspired by the 2000s pop era, modern electronic productions and artists like Justin Timberlake, RAYE, and Billie Eilish, the young artist creates a distinctive soundscape, that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster through anger, melancholy, and acceptance.

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