Jake Daniels The Otherside
Release Date 14/10/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Jake Daniels - The Otherside EP

Dark, cinematic and very much soundtrack-worthy, the final track of Jake Daniels’ second EP, The Otherside, is finally out for the masses. The title track (and name of the EP), speaks about the dark side of desire & fame and what it can turn into. In signature Jake Daniels fashion, the song is written in a narrative-based fashion, allowing listeners to create and follow along Jake’s visual journey that he’s laid out for us throughout his haunting, compelling alt-pop sound.

Jake says, “I was inspired by a few things on the last song of the EP. By Disney and its villains, ‘Lullaby of Woe,‘ a song featured from the series Witcher, and by electro-pop singer Melanie Martinez. The story follows a young, talented boy who goes on a journey to help his struggling family out, but he is only able to continue his journey if he befriends and asks a dark voodoo King for help. However, in return, the talented boy wants to be famous and noticed…and because of this, his judgement ends up becoming clouded, and he forgets about his family. He eventually comes back to them and the horrific realization that they’ve now been cursed forever.”

»I have many sources of inspiration for my records...«

American singer-songwriter, Jake Daniels considers himself to be a dark pop and alternative artist. Born and raised in a small city in upstate New York, with musically gifted parents and siblings, Jake’s artistic journey began early, and today that journey has garnered a few more companions to accompany him. With hundreds of millions of views and streams ranging across various platforms, spots on the top pop and alternative charts in his region, having only released music since 2019, Daniels has amassed a strong online presence across the world, due to his relatable lyrics and story-driven songwriting. His most viral and cinematic track “Two Face”  jolted his career, with Youtube’s animation and Gacha community welcoming it — and him — with open arms, making him go from small town hero to global spectacle in a matter of months. Now with his first EP behind him, Daniels is back to continue taking the world by storm. His second EP in its entirety, ‘The Otherside,‘ fully available now on CloudKid!