Mblue Terrified
Release Date 26/07/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Mblue - Terrified

Warsaw-based, Mblue shares his next track with listeners, combining classical string motives with powerful bass sounds on his song, ‘Terrified.’ Throughout the song there are also noticeable sharp & piercing lead sounds of a delicate string pizzicato, with other strong contrasts that build tension and reflect the feelings of loneliness and confusion.  

He says of the song, “This song talks about the feeling of longing and despair, centered around the theme of separation and the emptiness experienced due to the absence of a loved one. The lyrics paint a picture of the depths of loneliness and darkness, which can also be heard throughout the song sonically as well. There’s also a reference to twilight that suggests an intensified sense of isolation as the world transitions into a colder and more desolate state. Throughout the song, there are motifs of terror, restless energy, emotional confusion, fear and hopelessness.”  

»There are motifs of terror, restless energy, emotional confusion, and hopelessness. «

Mblue is a songwriter, dark pop & electronica producer from Poland. He is fascinated by the universe, infinity, quantum physics and unbelievably strange laws that rule our world and deems himself an escapist from prosaism, a daydreamer, a huge fan of Queen, Led Zeppelin and Radiohead music as his greatest influences. After graduating from the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, Poland, where he studied sound engineering, he began composing, arranging and producing music for films, TV programs, radio plays, audiobooks, TV commercials, samples and theatrical performances. However, he’s since become an artist in his own right, recently discovering the creation of music and song is what fuels him with the most pleasure and satisfaction. He also plays piano and guitar. His next single with CloudKid, ‘Terrified,’ out now!

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